Synergy of Music Theatre (S.Mou.Th.) is an non profit organisation,
whose workforce is a group of dedicated, experienced and emerging artists.

S.Mou.Th. has been founded in Larissa-Greece, in 2001 by Costas Lamproulis (writer, director), Christos Ktistakis (music director, composer) and Sophia Koustas (musicologist, national relations). For about two years it operated under the auspices of the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Larissa and became a legal independent entity in 2004. The fundamental objectives of S.Mou.Th. are to provide youth and adults opportunities of initiation, training, education, creation, inclusion, research and professionalisation, in the performing and audiovisual arts, and by this process, to reinvent the means of artistic expression.

SMouTh’s work, both locally and at a European level, includes educational courses, cultural activities and events with special focus on social aspects, professional productions of theatre, music theatre and operas, and the annual organisation of two festivals: Mill of Performing Arts and European Music Day in Larissa. In 2009, SMouTh’s production of the opera Carmen staged in Larissa in collaboration with the Municipal Conservatory, has been awarded by the Greek Theatre and Music Critics Association. Other important productions and co-productions of SMouTh include: Paramyfiko (2013, 2018), Truth (2017), L and ImPArt (2016-2019, formation of the international mixed-abled ensemble Un-Label),  EUtropia (2010-2012 in 9 European countries), The Barber of Seville (2012), POLITAE (2012 & 2015)”, The Rubbishes Rubsody (2003 and 2012-2013), and more.