“L” by Un-Label
“Do I Need Labels to Love?”

Apparently, we label everything. It is in our human nature. First we label and then we look to understand and connect. The more we connect, the more we un-label. The big “L” Love is a state in which labels and boundaries have faded away.

Concept & Direction: Costas Lamproulis
Management: Lisette Reuter
Choreographer: Sabine Lindlar
Musical Director: Markus Brachtendorf
Artistic Assistants: Wagner Moreira & Mia Bilitza
Light Design: Garlef Kessler
Costumes: Jula Reindell
Visuals: Valerij Lisac
Project Assistant: Sarah Mitter
Production Assistant: Lara Weiss
Performers: Jasmine Attié, Tom Auweiler, Derya Demiroğlu, Dodzi Dougban, Berna Efeoğlu, Helena Fernandino, Max Greyson, Misha Kosiecová, Loukia Kouvata, Angeliki Meli, Wagner Moreira, Chantal Priesack, Magali Saby, Torben Schug, Ilgaz Ulusoy, Fillipos Zoukas

Co-production: Sommertheater Pusteblume (Germany), SMouTh (Greece), CandoCo Dance Company (UK), Sosyal Kulturel Yasami Gelistirme Derneği (Turkey), TH Köln (Germany).

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