Un-Label – New Grounds of Inclusive Performing Arts

For a period of two years, the international cultural project “Un-Label” will see about 100 artists with and without disabilities from all over Europe deal with new inclusive and innovative ways of performing arts. Implementation of these ways will take place within the framework of various workshops, an artistic residence and a large multidisciplinary dance theatre production which will be presented as national and international guest performances at renowned festivals. Un-label is a joint project with partners from England, Greece, Turkey and Germany.

International symposia and new Audience Development methods will form part of the project in the form of surtitles and audio descriptions to ensure that also visually impaired people and the hard of hearing can attend the shows. The Cologne University of Technology, Arts, Sciences (TH Köln) supports the project by scientifically monitoring and evaluating it. All project elements as well as a compilation of inclusive best practice examples from all over Europe will finally be published in a working brochure.

Un-Label means “not to label anybody” and is aimed at people who in our society are often labelled in a negative way. Our cultural project is designed to create a counterbalance to this form of stigmatization. The multifaceted and creative potential the participants contribute to the project is hence to be rendered visible and to be made use of. It shows how people come together in artistic productions and how they can work together on a professional level. The focus of the project is to merge comprehensive concepts of inclusion and to translate them into collective, creative, performative activities.

Coordination partner: Sommertheater Pusteblume e.V (Cologne / Germany)
Management: Lisette Reuter
Artistic director: Costas Lamproulis

Partners: Candoco Dance Company (London/ England), Synergy of Music Theatre (Larissa/ Greece), Sosyal Kulturel Yasami Gelistirme Dernegi (Istanbul / Turkey), TH Köln (Cologne / Germany)

Link: un-label.eu

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