Walking in the Woods

“Walking in the Woods” is a unique journey through several classic fairy tales, an intertextual tale, playing with the ages and contemporary reality. Red Riding Hood will meet beloved fairy tales heroes, will experience unknown adventures, “Walking in the Woods” and facing misunderstandings, misadventures and finally her own fears. She will be left alone, she will give her first kiss, she will lose her freedom and -as every child- she will try to find out what she really is and where she belongs, while everything and everybody in her trip are so confusing!

by Stella Michailidou
Director-Choreographer: Despoina Bounitsi
Music: Kostas Vomvolos
Curator: Ivi Samara
Music Instruction: Filippos Zoukas
Technical support: Stefanos Pallas

Christina Gkargkinoudi, Katerina Liapopoulou, Apostolis Lygdas, Katerina Bekou, Thanassis Saliampouchos