Rubbish’s Rhapsody revised

Rubbish’s Rhapsody is coming back!


Synergy of Music Theatre (SMouTh) proudly presents the music fairy tale ”Rubbish’s Rhapsody” for children and adults, a tender story that illuminates the value of human relationships as a counterweight to oblivion, decay and non-existence.

Twenty years after the first performance of “Rubbish’s Rhapsody’’ in Larissa (in 2003) and after having received laudatory reviews, SMouTh -renewed with new artists- reconnects with Costas Lamproulis’ text which continues to move and motivate with its urgent environmental and humanitarian message.

The new directorial approach from Despoina Bounitsi places us in a modern garbage dump, in the wake of a bustling society that seeks awkwardly to redefine its relationship with the natural environment while at the same time claims to redefine human interactions on the basis of solidarity and synergy. In such a place, imagination finds the space to create a fairy tale with fast action, intense movement and a lot of play upon the central idea that “We all need someone to need us”

The renewed version of the play includes music arrangement and creative orchestration of the original music by three young musicians of our city playing live on stage. Also, the setting becomes a visual installation of a modern garbage dump that hosts the actors dressed in surreal costumes made of conventional and non-conventional materials. Last, the performance integrates audio-visual media (projections of images and videos) connecting directly and vividly the fairy tale with the modern reality.


The story

A discarded Idea, a rusty Screw, a broken Toy and a forgotten Melody meet in a dark garbage dump. Amidst their uselessness and loneliness, the heroes of the play search for their identity and are afraid as they are under the threat of Old Forgetfulness who accumulates the useless objects and imprisons them in the dark palaces of Οblivion. The heroes of the garbage dump, through coexistence, rediscover their mood for play and life, discover friendship and companionship. They realize that they have each other and that transforms them from “nothing” to “something”, something important. So they decide to face Old Forgetfulness together and acquire a new, useful existence by tapping into their bonds, imagination and art!



Text: Costas Lamproulis

Directed by Despoina Bounitsi

Original Music: Christos Ktistakis

Music Editor: Filippos Zoukas

Arrangement – Orchestration: Filippos Zoukas, Christos Kakariaris, Thanasis Tsarniliotis

Movement-Choreographies: Despoina Bounitsi

Set & Costume Design: Dimitra Exarchou

Costume creation: Eleni Psyrra, Dimitra Exarchou

Light Design – Photography – Audiovisuals: Giannis Chatziantoniou

Organisation Production: Dimitra Zacharouli, Chrysanthi Manidou

Technical Support: Ntoulas Sound

Graphic Designer: Fani Lamprouli (Labrouli’s creative)



Idea: Katerina Bekou

Screw: Apostolis Lygdas

Toy: Pericles Hastalis

Music: Lydia Pantziou

Musicians on stage: Filippos Zoukas, Christos Kakariaris, Thanasis Tsarniliotis

* Special thanks to Melio Paschalidis and Petros Anapliotis for their voices and SCARTO company for hosting the photoshooting.



Saturday 23/12, at 17:00 and 19:00

Thursday 28/12, at 17:00 and 19:00

Saturday 30/12, at 11:00 and 13:00

On Thursday 21/12 at 5.00 pm the avant premiere performance is addressed to teachers and journalists (invitations only)

The performance will take place in the specially designed Amphitheatre on the 2nd floor of Pappa’s Mill with the support of the Mayoralty of Culture and Science of the Municipality of Larissa

Tickets available from 12/18 at Connectiva café-bar (Venizelou 133) Monday– Friday 11.00-14.00

Entrance: €6 (presale), €8 (box office)

Due to the limited number of seats bookings are not available

Information about the show: 2410 531778, 6943956171

Production, Rubbish's Rhapsody revised