Confinement and exit. Privacy and public life. Alienation and reconnection. Everything passes through the non-place, under the shadow of the capital Π…

A life-size door is set up at five key points of Larissa. Passers-by interact and the group attempts improvised performances. The spontaneous stories that emerge challenge the present of the new reality.


Concept, direction, text: Costas Lamproulis

Cinematography: Dimitris Vallas, Alexandros Chartonas, Giannis Chatziantoniou, Costas Lamproulis (LifeOfFilm productions)

Editing: Costas Lamproulis, Dimitris Vallas, Alexandros Chartonas

Set design: Dimitra Exarchou

Music (composition, orchestration, interpretation): Giorgos Gallos, Lefteris Gallos, Filippos Zoukas, Eleni Kyprioti, Stefanos Pallas

Recitation: Giorgos Gallos

Participants: Apostolos Lygdas, Athina Manoli, Katerina Bekou, Despina Bounitsi, Thanasis Saliampouchos

and Vassilis Arvanitis, Despina Daskalaki, Maria Kaprini, Eleni Katsiouli, Zoi Kolla, Haido Kollitsa, Katerina Koulountzou, Nikoleta Kafterani, Jenny Rapti, Christos Panagiotopoulos, Marianna Papadimitriou, Nantia Savva, Nikoleta Stylopoulou, Maria Tsirikoglou, Maria Chandrinou, Periklis Chastalis

Recording, mixing and master: Vassilis Liakos (New Age Sound)

Door construction: Dimitris Chouliaras

Production support: Thanasis Saliampouchos, Athina Manoli

Administrative support: Andreas Almpanis, Dimitra Zacharouli

Production: SMouTh (Synergy of Music Theatre)

Co-production: LifeOfFilm productions

As part of the initiative of the Deputy Mayor of Culture and Science of the Municipality of Larissa to support Larissa artists with proposals adapted to the new data due to the pandemic of covid-19.

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