1,5 m close

June 2020: shortly after the end of 1st quarantine in Greece, a dance group wanted to look at the obstacles and restrictions as an opportunity for creation in new ways, and set their meeting points at open-air public spaces.

The imposed distance of 1,5 m led to a different approach of space and its significance in movement and human relations. This short film is the imprint of that route.

Twelve young people dance in the city of Larissa, making use of the ground, the air, the sun, the trees, the temperature, the shapes of the buildings, the people around them;  of one another, their emotions, their recent experience of lock-down.

Direction-text: Despoina Bounitsi

Choreography: Despoina Bounitsi, Athena Manoli

Shooting-editing: Penelope Brachou

Images: Vicky Papaggeli

Music: Filippos Zoukas

Voice over: Andromachi Makridou

Dancers: Despoina Daskalaki, Nikoleta Kafterani, Maria Kaprini, Zoi Kolla, Athena Manoli, Despoina Bounitsi, Christos Panagiotopoulos, Marianna Papadimitriou, Nantia Savva, Maria Tsirikoglou, Thanasis Saliampouchos, Maria Chandrinou