A door in the city

A door in the city

Even though doors are never in or out but always on the edge, this door-oxymoron wanders these days in the center of the city and remains Out, to arouse interest, wonder, thought  and provoke the imagination of the passers-by.

Synergy of Music Theatre, in collaboration with the Mayoralty of Culture and Science of the Municipality of Larissa, put into action a new artistic project entitled Out and sets up for its needs a natural size door in 5 key sites-symbols of the city.

The door that symbolises the confinement but also the exit, the same door that ensures our privacy and at the same time connects us to the outside world, this door becomes an occasion for associations of the recent situation and inspiration towards the new perspectives that open. For a few more days, the door will stand and wait for us as an opportunity: to pass it or pass through, to open it or to close it…

The whole project of exploration, experimentation, interaction and improvised performances, is a proposal by SMouTh to the recent deadlocks of artistic expression and creation, and combines the means of performing and audiovisual arts in public places.

Scheduled actions:

  • Wednesday  03/06 and 10/06, 6pm-9pm Central Square
  • Thursday 04/06 and 11/06, 6pm-9pm St Achillea’s Hill
  • Friday 05/06 and 12/06, 6pm-9pm Alkazar Pedestrian Bridge
  • Saturday 06/06 and 13/06, 6pm-9pm A’ Ancient Theatre