YOUR JOURNEY photography exhibition

YOUR JOURNEY photography exhibition

The photography exhibition YOUR JOURNEY, which was hosted as part of the 10th Mill of Performing Arts , from September 22nd to October 1st, on the ground floor at the premises of the industrial monument “Pappas Mill“, has successfully been completed.

The exhibition included photographic material and stories produced by mixed groups of young people with a refugee background and local young people in four European cities (Larissa, Bolzano/IT, Berlin/DE and Amsterdam/NL) as part of the YOUR JOURNEY project.

The theme of the exhibition, but also of the entire project, was the exploration of “Feeling at home”: what makes today’s young people feel at home regardless of their cultural background?

Along with the opening of the exhibition, the results of the project were briefly presented: a toolkit of methodologies that leverage storytelling and photography for inclusion, collaboration and creative expression, which is offered free of charge to anyone working with corresponding groups. Soon the toolkit will be available on the website

We are excited to (re)meet with young people who participated in the project along with with the audience of Larissa and share stories, images and educational materials.