Aesthetics of Access at JOIST innovation Park

Workshop Aesthetics of access in JOIST May 24

Aesthetics of Access at JOIST innovation Park

In the context of the International Museum Day, on Saturday May 18, SMouTh had the pleasure of participating in the open event “How New Technologies Contribute to Shaping a World without Exclusions” at JOIST Innovation Park. The event was addressed to Educators, Health Structures and Culture Enterprises with the intension to highlight the importance of the concepts of inclusion and innovation in culture for a more sustainable world.

Members of the SMouTh team undertook to organize in the welcoming AGORA auditorium the Creative Workshop of Familiarity with the Principles of Accessibility and “Aesthetics of Access” in which people with mobility difficulties participated along with their companions. Aim of the workshop was to introduce participants to the basic principles of creating a universally accessible action, to give useful tools and ideas on how we can offer an as much equal and rich educational or artistic experience as possible to people with impaired mobility.

The experience was particularly delightful and inspiring for everyone (trainers and trainees) and enabled the participants of the Apollonian Center for Recovery and Rehabilitation to get to know useful tools of artistic expression for people with reduced mobility.