PRESENT | Dance-theatre

The present is the story you make

19-22 January 2023

Pappas Mill (Amphitheatre, 2nd floor)

SMouTh in collaboration with the Mayoralty of Culture and Sciences of the Municipality of Larissa present the Present.

Present is developed as a stage poem that negotiates human existence in relation to time and action. It is a play between the two meanings of the word “present” which denotes both “present” and “gift”, a dance dialogue that evolves into an encounter with our own self, utilizing the presence of two dancers on stage who often act as one.

The work artistically reflects the results of research conducted by the SMouTh artistic team in 2021-22, on the use and combination of contemporary dance and sign language and its emergence as a new stage language for inclusion and accessibility in art. The performance aspires to function as an international performance model that creatively synthesizes dance, speech (English language), sign language (international sign), sound and music.

Direction-Choreography: Despina Bounitsi
Text: Costas Lamproulis
Music: Philippos Zoukas
Choreographer B’: Athena Manoli
Dancing: Georgia Kollyra, Constantina Papageorgiou
Sign Language Teaching: Evi Orphanidou
Photographer – Light Designer: Giannis Chatziantoniou

Research team: Despina Bounitsi, Costas Lamproulis, Philippos Zoukas, Athena Manoli, Efi Orfanidou, Maria Kaprini, Maria Chandrinou

We thank Evi Orphanidou, Alexia Prigou, Thanasis Reggio, Alexandra Kotsaki and Panos Paraschos and the School of Greek Sign Language Larissa – Volos for their advice and scientific support of the project.

Duration: 45 minutes

The research was funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Education for the year 2021.

Entrance fee: 6 euros
Pre-sale, Connectiva , Venizelou 133

*Wheelchair users please contact us to inquire about the accessibility of the performance space

Information: +30 6977783874