The title refers to the beginning, the starting point of a small world, made of movement, speech, thoughts, dreams and desires, calling us to create new places, or to change those we can imagine that exist.

Here takes inspiration from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities and from all those places we can dream of, hoping we will finally meet them.

Choreography-Staging: Despoina Bounitsi

Co-creators: Dimitra Zacharouli, Andromachi Makridou

Music: Filippos Zoukas

Art: Ivi Samara

Video art: Dimitris Vallas

Images: Giannis Chatziantoniou

Actress: Andromachi Makridou

Dancers: Despoina Bounitsi, Dimitra Zacharouli, Maria Kaprini, Marita Katsika, Andromachi Makridou, Vasiliki Soultouki, Maria Tsimponi

Photos: Vicky Papaggeli