Generation Europe

Generation Europe project is addressed to young people aged 18-27 from Greece, Italy and Germany, interested in performing arts. Local groups are formed in order to take part in cultural and educational activities related to performing arts and democracy.

Each group will later meet the other countries’ groups to participate together in the academies that will take place in Florence, Larissa and Cologne during the next two years and c0-create artistic products that will be performed in each city.

For the Generation Europe project, SMouTh collaborates locally with the Community Centre (Mayoralty of Social Politics) of the Municipality of Larissa and internationally with ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V. (RRCGN) and Centro di Creazione e Cultura (CCC.).

Generation Europe is funded by IBB Dortmund, the Ministry of Youth of North Rhine-Westphalia State and the Erasmus+ programme.

cultural activities, education, european cooperations, productions