The project Art’n’Go, launched in Lille in September 2009 with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union, gave an opportunity to develop into sustainable productions, and present and promote in mainstream festivals between May and August 2011, a cluster of R&R best practice creative works representing the richness of cultural diversities within the R&R “family”.

The Art’n’Go productions:

  • About Traffic
  • Braincheck
  • Coloured Life
  • Ether Sides
  • My World
  • Reality in Disguise
  • Traces

The first step for the creation and design of the production was held in Larissa, during the International Dramaturgy Workshop of Art’n’Go, organized by SMouTh between 22 and 28/3/2010.

Countries participating include Hungary, Romania, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Belgium and the UK.

More about this project:

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