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Since February until May 2022, the Educational & Social Activities of the National Opera, within the framework of the ‘’All Together At The Opera’’ activities, assigned to SMouTh two cycles of educational workshops with the aim of strengthening the active participation and integration of people with motor and sensory impairments in musical theatre and dance arts:

Composition and Inclusion (experiential art workshops)

Focusing on inclusion and accessibility, these workshops were addressed to adults, with or without disabilities, who love performing arts and seek artistic creation.

Under the guidance of SMouTh’s instructors (Kostas Lambroulis, Despina Bounitsi, Filippos Zoukas), the participants were invited to make good use of their personal, spontaneous expression and experiences and to utilize the tools of expression and accessibility of the workshop in order to  create small performances for a new aesthetics of access. The result was a short film entitled “BORDER”, which documents the creative process by incorporating the produced performances.

THEAMA Group and Exis Dance Company also participated in the workshops.

Aesthetics of Access (educational seminars)

SMouTh’s instructors implemented seminars for teachers of artistic and non-formal education but also for artists who are interested in including tools and methods of inclusion and accessibility in the practices of planning, organizing and implementing educational and cultural actions. The central objective of the action was to develop and disseminate the necessary know-how for a more inclusive and accessible way of developing artistic skills and encouraging artistic creation.

The actions were implemented at the premises of the National Opera in the Cultural Center of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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