“Paramyfiko” is now a fact!

After many months of preparations, fermentations, rehearsals and experimental presentations in the streets and at festivals, the performance -in its complete form- premiered last Saturday in the full-packed auditorium of the new amphitheater of the Public Central Library of Larissa and is waiting to share with you, feelings and meanings.

Paramyfiko is a lyrical work that initially unfolds like a traditional fairy tale, to later develop into a completely modern and ruthless social critique. A show that while following the classic narrative structure (beginning-middle-end), its plot escapes the constraints of time and reveals in the present both the necessity and the ridiculousness of the accomplice winking to what is happening around us and inside us.

The always present -but never obvious- bride of the Paramyfiko can be a human being, but it can also be an idea, belief or situation. It can be for the spectator everything that is casually praised and then thrown away, a guilty truth or a convenient myth.

Our new performance, which is the result of many months of collective research and creation, once again composes all the expressive forms of the performing arts, while giving special emphasis to the visual effect, forming a new theater that provokes the free play of the spectator’s associations.

The next scheduled performances of Paramyfiko will be presented on 23, 26, 28, 29, 30 December 2013 in the amphitheater of the Public Central Library of Larissa “Konstantinos Koumas”. Apart from being an invitation to a new theatrical experience, “Paramyfiko” is also an occasion for the citizens of Larissa to visit this new, warm and hospitable cultural space in the city center (entrance from Hadelli lane on Kouma Street).

The Identity of the performance:

Conception-Direction-Texts: Costas Lamproulis
Performers-co-creators: Lefteris Gallos, Maria Deligianni, Eleni Kyprioti, Katerina Liapopoulou, Apostolis Lygdas, Despina Bunitsi, Thanasis Saliabouchos
Co-creators: Filippos Zoukas, Stefanos Pallas, Giorgos Koutsikos, Ioannis Katsikavelas, Elena Michailidi
Costume design: Eleni Psyrra
Graphic design: Labrouli’s creative
Print illustration: Dimitra Exarchou
Collaborators: Andreas Albanis, Christina Garginoudi, Katerina Bekou
Production organization: Sofia Kousta

Performances: 21, 22, 23, 26, 28, 29, 30 December 2013 (9:30 pm)
Information & Reservations: 6943 956171