INPACT webseries episode 3 – Green Transition

INPACT webseries episode 3 – Green Transition

How much do you think about the environment in your projects?

The next episode of our web series we’ll present to you is from the Green Transition. Moving towards more sustainable creation practices entails carefully considering opportunities and challenges with positive and negative effects that ripple through every step of the cultural value chain and what “going green” entails for the creation, production, and distribution of artistic and cultural work.

How this transition affects your work? Click on the tool’s name and discover what the partner from Italy has to share with you!


In this video, the images that flow under the interviews of CCC collaborators Giulio Stumpo and Susannah Iheme allow us to catch a glimpse of the pilot testing of the tool at the PARC Performing Arts Research Centre in Florence, as well as of various cross-disciplinary artists working in non-conventional, mostly open-air public spaces, in extremely sustainable settings

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