ImproLANDS trailer out now

ImproLANDS trailer out now

The official trailer of ImproLANDS project has just been released.

The trailer was created by the synergy of the transnational group that runs the 22-months small-scale European cooperation project: ImproLANDS “Improvisational Theatre Techniques for Well-Being in Lands Affected by Natural Disasters, Depopulation and/or Solitude“. Aim of the project is to use theatre art in favour of the creation of cultural encounters with the participation of the population affected by natural disasters, isolation or population collapse.

Despite the geographical distance of the working groups and under the direction of Paolo Strologo, this unified representation of faces uttering associative keywords was created. From isolation and loss of belonging to the transformative power of connection and improvisation, the project’s challenges and goals are expressed. The ImproLANDS logo was designed by Ludovica Carioti with symbols that refer to the cultural and emotional closeness that connects partners and their countries, uniting their different landscapes, artists and communities.

ImproLANDS project is supported by the partnership of Accademia56 (Italy), Shoshin Theater Association (Romania), Las cosas que hacemos (Spain), Synergy of Music Theater (Greece) and is co-financed by the Creative Europe program.

More information about the project can be found on the official website