ImPArt at the Greek National Opera Alternative Stage

ImPArt at the Greek National Opera Alternative Stage

A new aesthetic approach to the performing arts, the aesthetics of access, is hosted by the GNO Alternative Stage, where the premiere of ImPArt international production will take place on September 8th.

More than 20 artists from 4 countries (Greece, Italy, Germany, Armenia) get inspired by the objectives of the innovative European project ImPArt and collaborate to bring on stage the outcomes of their creative research.

ImPArt project (Immediate Performing Arts) is about the development of interdisciplinary performances (dance, dance theatre, music theatre, performance) immediately accessible by any audience, people with sensory disabilities included, with an emphasis on the inclusion of professional artists with disabilities. It is a partnership of 4 artistic organizations: Synergy of Music Theatre (Greece), SOMMERTHEATER Pusteblume (Germany), ORIENTE OCCIDENTE Festival (Italy) και NCA SMALL THEATRE (Armenia).

The presentation consists of 2 independent performances: “Gravity and Other Attractions”, “The Little Prince” and an installation-performance titled “Re:construction”, in all of which the limitations of accessibility transform into a field of inspiration, experimentation and innovative creation. The common accessibility media (captioning, sign language interpretation, audio description) become creative tools for on-stage expression and form the cutting-edge aesthetics of access.

ImPArt project is funded by E.U. Creative Europe program, the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, AktionhMensch and NRW Kultur Sekretariat Wuppertal.

“Gravity and Other Attractions”
Concept-Dramaturgy-Direction: Costas Lamproulis
Script: Max Greyson
Choreography-Performers: Sarah Bockers, Dodzi Dougban
Music: Filippos Zoukas
Choreography supervision: Wagner Moreira, Despina Bounitsi
Flute: Ine Vanoeveren

“The Little Prince”
Adaptation-staging: Vahan Badalyan
Text: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Performers: Aristide Rontini, Torben Schug, Giuseppe Comuniello, Tamara Aydinyan
Music: Max Schweder
Choreography supervision: Wagner Moreira, Athina Manoli
Also participating: Ashot Marabyan

Direction: Nikolas Jürgens, Nils Rottgardt
Performers: Lucy Wilke, Max Greyson, Franziska Wilke
Video: Nikolas Jürgens, Bernard Mescherowsky

Music direction: Markus Brachtendorf
Set design-costumes: Sarah Haas
Light design: Christian Herbert
Captioning: Maria Wünsche
Visuals: Tim Stadie
Video: Patrick Waldmann
Photos: Giannis Chatziantoniou
Constuction supervision: Dimitra Exarchou
Costume supervision: Eleni Psirra
Sign language interpretation: Konstanze Bustian, Stella Papantonatos
Production assistant: Lara Weiss
Accessibility consultant: Andrea Eberl, Myrto Ganouri
Project Manager-SMouTh: Andreas Almpanis
Production assistant-SMouTh: Dimitra Zacharouli
Production manager: Lisette Reuter
Artistic direction: Costas Lamproulis