Gravity in Antwerp

Gravity in Antwerp

On February 17th and 18th, Tiki and Lolo will be train traveling in Antwerp for two performances of “Gravity and Other Attractions”  held at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, in the framework of NextDoors Week Festival.

“Gravity and Other Attractions” is an original dance-theatre piece, using a poetic audio description text as its actual script.

Gravity and Other Attractions

Concept, Dramaturgy & Direction: Costas Lamproulis
Script: Max Greyson
Choreography, Dance & Performance: Sarah ‘Sarena’ Bockers & Dodzi Dougban 
Music & Sound Composition: Filippos Zoukas 
Visuals: Tim Stadie
Costume and Stage Design: Sarah Haas
Light Design: Christian Herbert
Collaborating Choreographers: Despina Bounitsi & Wagner Moreira
Flute: Ine Vanoeveren
Sign Language Interpreter & Introduction Voice: Stella Papantonatos
Sign Language Interpreter: Konstanze Bustian
International Sign Language Advisor: Rafael Grombelka
Visual Vernacular Advisor: Eyk Kauly
Blind audience member Advisors: Franziska Wilke & Andrea Eberl

“Gravity and Other Attractions” has been created within the ImPArt project, for which SMouTh collaborated with 3 more organisations: SOMMERTHEATER Pusteblume (Germany), ORIENTEOCCIDENTE Festival(Italy) and NC SMall Theatre (Armenia), involving artists and researchers from 4 countries in a journey to explore new, non-mediated ways of accessibility in performing arts.

ImPArt project is co-funded by Creative Europe EU programme, the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, AktionhMensch and NRW Kultur Sekretariat Wuppertal.