First meeting of IMPROLANDS project in Italy

First meeting of IMPROLANDS project in Italy

A special experience for SMouTh was the first meeting of artists of the ImproLands project “Improvisational Theatre Techniques for Well-Being in Lands Affected by Natural Disasters, Depopulation and/or Solitude” which we joined during 24-30 of June in Italy.  Artistic representatives of all partners of the project met for the first time in Ancona’s Camporotondo, where they had the opportunity to exchange creative tools and work on theatrical improvisation with members of local earthquake-affected communities. Alongside the artistic workshops, walks, guided tours, small public actions, discussions and interviews with community residents enriched our stimuli.

The culmination of this meaningful encounter was the creation of an improvisational performance presented in the fully booked ”Teatro Cumunale di Caldarola”, which was attended by an audience from different communities of the region and representatives of local institutions. Having participated in the theatre workshops throughout the week, the inhabitants of the region adopted perfomer roles and together with artists from four different countries shared the theatre stage and co-created an improvisational play about the past, present and future of the region with great sense of humour and lots of emotion.

The strong imprint of this launch action sealed the relationships among the project partners and the bonds of the inhabitants of the earthquake-affected area.

This experience brings us even closer to the goals of the project, which are none other than to empower through art and spontaneous expression populations that have suffered natural disasters and isolation.

Looking forward to contribute to the following activity with our partners from Italy (Accademia 56), Spain (Shosin Theatre Assiociation) and Romania (Las cosas gue hacemos) at our next activity in September in Madrid.

The project is co-financed by the Creative Europe program.

More information about the project can be found on the official website