”Everything is Flow’’ the new performance of SMouTh’s Workshops

”Everything is Flow’’ the new performance of SMouTh’s Workshops

Every year, an integral part and culmination of the educational function of SMouTh’s annual Workshops in the performing arts is the creation of a complete performance, inspired by the synergy of all the trainees. During the academic year, the COMBO group is the incubator of material that students bring from each Workshop (Creative Writing, Acting, Contemporary Dance & Improvisation, Body Percussion and Narrative Photography) in order to co-create their own synthetic original work.

With the completion of this year’s educational cycle, the Synergy of Musical Theatre (SMouTh) in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Larissa presents the new project “Everything is Flow”, on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26th of May at 9.00 pm, in the courtyard of the Diachronic Museum of Larissa.

The play

The new production of the COMBO group entitled “Everything is flow” comes to speak through contemporary performing arts about the concept of “change” and its different manifestations – from volatility, insecurity and loss, to transition, development and opportunity. The work takes us to an environment of fluidity and transformation that urges us to redefine the way we exist realizing that “the only consistency is change”.

It is an original, multimedia show that combines theatre, contemporary dance, music and video art. A composition of arts and scenic images that reflect COMBO group’s concerns about the social, economic and climate crisis while observing their consequences on humans and proposing ways out to reweave social relations and collectivity.

Directed by: Katerina Bekou, Despoina Bounitsi

Choreography: Athina Manoli, Despoina Bounitsi

Music editing: Filippos Zoukas

Material animation: Marialena Tsiamoura

Images – Lighting: Giannis Chatziantoniou

Participants: Vassilis Arvanitis, Vassiliki Akrivopoulou, Anna-Maria Anifanti, Katerina Goula, Georgia Kollyra, Aris Karliotis, Raphaela Kaffe, Stefanos Koutsomarkos, Apostolos Lygdas, Natalia Lygda, Angelos Barbas, Dafni Samara, Aphrodite Toufexi, Natasa Tsimbolis, Garyfallenia Tsinopoulou, Christina Papadopoulou, Eleni Panagopoulou, Giorgos Polyzos, Dora France, Periklis Hastalis

Τexts, videos and musical themes constitute original material of SMouTh’s Workshops 2023/2024 of which coordinators are: Costas Lamproulis, Katerina Bekou, Athina Manoli, Despoina Bounitsi, Filippos Zoukas, Giannis Chatziantoniou, Marialena Tsiamoura.

Duration of the performance: 50 minutes

NOTE: Limited number of seats, bookings not required.