SMouTh presents the dance-theatre performance “Here” (original title “Edo”), Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of December, at 21.00 on the 2nd floor of Mill of Pappas.

The title indicates the beginning, the starting point of a world of movement, words, thoughts, dreams and desires that call us to arrange things differently … to invent other places or to change those who exist.

The performance “Here” is inspired by the Invisible Cities of Italo Calvino and places we can dream of and wish to meet.

Choreography-Direction: Despoina Mpounitsi
Co-creators: Dimitra Zacharouli, Andomachi Makridou
Music: Filippos Zoukas
Stage design: Evie Samara
Video art: Dimitris Vallas
Photos: Giannis Chatziantoniou
Acting: Andromachi Makridou
Dancing: Dimitra Zacharouli, Maria Kaprini, Maria Katsika, Andromachi Makridou, Despoina Mpounitsi, Vassiliki Soultouki, Maria Tsimponi

Contact phone number: +30 6977783874

Ticket prices:
7 euro pre-sale (2nd floor, Mill of Pappas, 9:00-14:00)
10 euro at the theatre