CROSSROADS The documentary

CROSSROADS The documentary

”The approach is centred on the energy that comes from being together’’

”Fairly negative feelings can be transformed into something else’’

”The process of transformation is the true success of this project’’

”Training freedom through theatre’’

”Creating a place of much needed belonging”

These are some of the spoken words that capture our attention and spread the deeply human vibes of CROSSROADS project in this final documentary which SMouTh gathered meticulously and proudly shares with you.

We are so pleased to have experienced the foreseen positive impact CROSSROADS project had in migrant’s life by helping them to improve their linguistic skills, increase their self-esteem and get a better awareness of their own personal abilities and potentialities.

The journey of this creative and deeply human process aimed at developing the use of theatre art in the support of migrants and communities for the promotion of inclusion and intercultural dialogue.

All workshops seem also to reverberate on the professionals in the field of theatre and education, on the communities at local level and on the participating organisations by increasing their knowledge in the use of theatrical methodologies in working with migrants.

The consortium of the project included theatre companies, educational organisations and associations active in the field of theatre and adult education from Italy, Belgium, Greece and Germany. Each partner organised a local workshop addressed to migrants and locals. Online activities were implemented as a means of exchanging knowledge and experience and a final artistic event took place in Palermo in September 2023.  The practices developed by the partners of the project contributed in the creation of a toolkit and of this final documentary.

CROSSROADS is co-funded by Creative Europe programme of the EU.

For more information about the project please visit CROSSROADS website (