AbROAD to Japan: A Post-Japonism Manga Project

AbROAD to Japan: A Post-Japonism Manga Project

We are very excited to announce the launch of the project ”AbROAD to Japan: A Post-Japonism Manga Project”, which is implemented by SMouTh with the co-financing of the Japan Expo Commemorative Fund 2024. The intention of the project is to contribute to cross-cultural understanding between Greece and Japan, highlighting the impact of Japan and its culture on the world of literature and art from the late 19th century to the present and into the future. AbROAD to Japan aspires to be a cross-cultural communication program that connects the past with the present through three main actions:

– Workshops aimed at analysing and creatively exploring the work of artists and writers who have captured Japan

– A mobility action of four artists from Greece to Japan, in order to contribute to the intercultural dialogue by artistically capturing their own contemporary impressions of the country

– Publishing an original manga in collaboration with the LoudMouse Crew using the material (photos, videos, texts and other artwork) produced during the program.

The results of the workshops and the material produced during the mobility will be presented in an inter-artistic exhibition in Larissa in autumn 2024. We can’t wait to get started! The open call for artists who wish to participate in the workshops will be announced soon.