Magic Flute

About This Project

Once upon a time, in a magical place, which may be the ancient Egypt, disparate figures-heroes representing the good and the evil, are joining forces in order to win the hearts of their beloved ones.

Premier: November 1st, 2009

Libretto adaptation – dialogues: Costas Lamproulis
Translation – Lyrics adaptation: Eufrosyni Ktistaki
Adaptation assistants: Katerina Bekou, Machi Makridou, Panagiotis Bakas

Direction: Costas Lamproulis
Musical Direction: Christos Ktistakis & Dimitris Ktistakis
Costumes & set-design: Kakia Chalimaga-Chatzi
Director Assistant: Katerina Bekou
Light design: Dimitris Tzavelas, Thanos Kyridis
Production Manager: Sophia Koustas

Myrsini Margariti: Pamina
Vaska Pozidou: Pamina
Grigoris Pyrialakos: Papageno
Asterios Tsetsilas: Tamino
Giorgos Tziouvaras: Monostatos
Machi Makridou: Snake, Bird, Dog, Wizard
Panagiotis Bakas: Snake, Bird, Dog, Wizard
Elena Gatza: Papagena & 1st Lady
Melina Paschalidou: Queen of the Night
Thanasis Patsalias: 1st Boy
Maria Rouka: 2nd Lady & 2nd Boy
Amalia Sdrolia: 3rd Lady & 3rd Boy
Maria Nalmpani: Slave
Charoula Leventi: Slave
Kyriakidou Katerina: Slave